Good-bye Mme Strome

Today we say “Thank you & good-bye” to Mme Strome. Mme Strome has accepted a classroom position at BLT next year. Thank you so much Mme for all of your hard work this year, but most of all- thank you for caring about and supporting our ESM kids! We are going to miss you! 


Dear Families,


The journey to have after-school childcare is continuing.  We are partnering with Giant Steps Child Care Centre beginning September 2016.

The next phase in this process is for families to make contact with the centre to give your contact information.  This will allow Giant Steps to keep you up to date on the process and to begin the enrollment procedure.

Please contact Tanya Morash at

Thank you all for your interest in after-school care and for your patience while we worked through the “red tape”.



Goddard peace conference Video and photos

A video of the 10th Annual Captain Nichola Goddard Peace Conference was put together by Kelli Connors, HRSB Communication Officer.  This video with a short write up will be in the Superintendent’s June Update.  You can access this video here:–odgOzbOI



The Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia attended the closing ceremony of our peace conference. Here is the link to the photos that were taken by the photographer:

Newcomers to Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is expected to welcome many newcomer families from Syria in the next few months. If you are a member, or know, of a church or community group that is sponsoring a family, could you please contact the school and provide details? We want to do our best to welcome our newcomers to our school community and prepare to meet their needs as soon as they arrive.

Ways we can communicate…

What would work best for your family? 

Here are the following ways we currently communicate:

– At times paper copies of noticed, calendars, newsletters

– email to our family distribution list

– Twitter account @estmschool

– Facebook- ESM Parents

– phone calls home

– notes in the communication bags or homework binder

If you have another way that you would prefer to communicate, please let us know!