OFFICIALLY ON HOLD- Home and School Gift Card Wreath Fundraiser

HOME & SCHOOL “GIFT CARD WREATH” FUNDRAISER:  The businesses in our community and the surrounding area were extremely generous in donating Gift Cards for the Christmas Wreath.    The value of the Gift Card Wreath will be approximately $420.00.  Tickets will be $2.00 for one ticket or 3 tickets for $5.00.

After careful thought and discussion, it has been decided to put the Gift Card Wreath Fundraiser on hold until an agreement between the NSTU and the government has been reached.


Thank you to Ryer & Ryer Lobster ltd-  they have generously donated the funds to cover the skating program for all students.  We will be returning the money today to the families that have sent it in.


This donation is a very thoughtful gesture from a local business-  we are once again shown how amazing this community is and how supportive families are towards our school!  We are so very lucky to have you all!


Thank you from all of us here at ESM!